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Tesuque Design is a locally owned woodworking studio, located six miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Robert Schutz, sole proprietor, designs and builds custom furniture, cabinetry, doors, interior-exterior architectural elements and ceramic sculpture. We collaborate with architects, interior designers, builders and the client to produce quality home & office furnishings.

Furniture specialties include: Conference, dining, coffee and hall tables, benches, desks, beds, entertainment-media centers and sculpture stands.

Cabinetry: Kitchen and bath cabinets, built-in breakfast nooks, fireplace mantels and surrounds, closet systems and bookshelf units.

The following materials are available for furniture projects: Wood choices include alder, walnut, oak, pine, basswood, maple, poplar and a variety of salvaged-recycled lumber. Finishes are oil-wax, paint or lacquer.

Metal products include steel, brass and aluminum in the form of plate ,tubular and angle. Finish choices are hot or cold patinas and powder coats.

Stone slabs of limestone, marble, slate, granite and flagstone are also available.

Ceramic sculpture is a recent exploration into the creation of abstract figurative and nature inspired forms. The clay pieces are heavily burnished and sawdust fired at a low temperature. A primitive or ancient surface finish is the end result. Further experimentation with various clay bodies and glazes will allow for future integration of sculptural ideas and furniture design.